Meet The

Amongst the Trees started as a trio born out of the red clay of Upstate South Carolina and filtered through 3 collective lifetimes of musical joy and experience. Josh Gibson and BJ Callahan met at a beer festival in 2016, and discovered a mutual love of The Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, and craft beer. They brought on BJ’s longtime friend and drummer, Larry Williams, shortly thereafter. A couple years and a hundred gigs later, they finally found the missing trees to complete the forest: Wes Lancaster, sliding guitar shredder extraordinaire, and Curtis Forbes,  soulful master of the keys and highest of harmonies. The rest is funky, jammy, grassy history. Original compositions, old traditional tunes, tight harmonies, and a healthy dose of improvisation are at the core of what makes Amongst The Trees a unique voice in the modern music landscape.